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Fun Online Tools to Teach Kids about Money [Includes Printable Downloads]

Financial education is important, and it’s never too early to start. At SESLOC, we make learning fun with activities to help your kids learn the value of money and the importance of growing their savings. Help them develop habits now for a lifetime of financial wellness.

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For Kids:

Fun downloadable activity books filled with coloring pages, puzzles, and more!

“Shell”ebrate Savings— An under-the-sea themed introduction to money concepts like saving and budgeting.

SMART Goals & Saving — A futuristic guide to making goals that stick. 

Grow Your Savings — A spring themed introduction to the magic of interest. 

Let’s Go to the Credit Union! — An introduction to money management concepts — like saving, depositing, withdrawing, and checking your balance.

Be Cybersmart! — An introduction to strong passwords and the tricks bad guys use to get your information.

I’m a Credit Union Saver — An introduction to Credit Unions and saving money.

For Teens:

Money Concepts for Teens and Young Adults — Give your teen the keys to financial success with this informative guide to starting out on their own.

Determining How Down Payments Affect Loans — Do you have a teen planning on buying their first car sometime in the near future? This resource from teaches teens about the impact of a down payment on a loan.

Try a budgeting activity. Print a Budgeting Worksheet, give your teen a monthly income, and have them work through their budget. How would things change if they needed to save more money? What if their housing payment went up? What would they do if their income increased or decreased?

For Parents:

Learn 5 Ways to Teach Your Kids Financial Health Habits.

Check out Financial Literacy for Kids

EVERFI Family Portal — Access 20+ digital financial literacy courses from our partners at EVERFI. Simply enter your state and your child’s school to access the full catalog of age-appropriate courses for your child.

Biz Kids — Explore concepts about money and starting a business with interactive games and lesson plans to accompany clips from the PBS show. 

Practical Money Skills — Play online financial literacy games developed by VISA’s financial education initiative.

Hit the Road: A Financial Adventure Game presents an interactive budgeting game.

Abdo Digital Bookshelf — Abdo is an educational book publisher that has made a number of their titles available for free — including books on teaching kids the value of money.



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