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6 Ways to Use Your Stimulus Check Wisely

One of the most talked about benefits of the recent CARES Act is the $1,200 stimulus payments for individuals who earned $75,000/year or less and $2,400 for married couples filing jointly that earned $150,000/year or less. This goes to everyone, whether they’ve experienced income loss or not. Here are some strategies to use your check… Read more »

Income Loss

What Can You Do if You Experience a Loss of Income?

Experiencing a loss in income is an extremely stressful event that will leave you feeling lost and worried about the future. But you don’t have to do it alone — there are tools and resources available to make your situation manageable as you get back on track. If you have loans at SESLOC, see what… Read more »

Online Educational Resources for Youth

Fun Online Tools to Teach Kids about Money [Includes Printable Downloads]

Financial education is important, and it’s never too early to start. At SESLOC, we make learning fun with activities to help your kids learn the value of money and the importance of growing their savings. Help them develop habits now for a lifetime of financial wellness. Check back weekly to see what’s new! For Kids:… Read more »

Money Concepts for Teens

Money Concepts for Teens & Young Adults

If you’re about to head out into the workforce, there are some important things you’ll need to know about adulting — like budgeting and credit report basics, how taxes affect your take home pay, and what you need to know about applying for college financial aid. Download the Money Concepts for Teens and Young Adults… Read more »

Food Waste

Is Your Money Molding in the Fridge?

What does $1,500 mean to you? No matter your financial situation, $1,500 is significant. It could be a down payment on your next car, a dent in your debt, a furniture upgrade, a step towards retirement, a boost to your emergency fund, or a first class ticket to New York. $1,500 also happens to be… Read more »

Stress & Spending

Stress & Spending

As we move deeper into the new year, the magic of the holiday may have worn off, and many of our New Year’s resolutions are becoming faded memories. With tax season approaching and the pace of our working lives becoming more and more accelerated, stress can start to take a toll on us emotionally. How… Read more »

Credit Score

What’s in Your Credit Score? [Infographic]

What’s a credit score and why is it so important? A credit score, also known as a FICO Score, is a calculation based on your activity in a few categories that assesses the likelihood that you will repay any debt you owe. The higher the score, the more likely it is that you can handle… Read more »

The State of Financial Wellness in America

The State of Financial Wellness in America [Infographic]

Financial wellness is a hot topic. But what is it exactly? Financial wellness is the state of your overall financial health, measured by how you’re doing in a few categories: spending, saving, borrowing, and planning. A recent Financial Health Network study on the financial habits of Americans uncovered some eye-opening trends. How does your financial… Read more »

Boost Your Credit Score

How to Boost Your Credit Score Ahead of Your Home Loan Preapproval

When it comes to buying a house, poor credit can limit your opportunities and result in higher interest rates and bigger payments. But with a little planning, you can boost your credit score ahead of your home loan pre-approval so you’ll be ready to make an offer on your dream home. Understanding Your Credit Score… Read more »

Kick Off The Year With This 7-Step Financial Action Plan

How do you see yourself in 2020? If your vision is of a more financially savvy you, then read on. This 7-step financial action plan will give you the tools to make this year — and decade — about your financial wellness. The best part? It’s easy! 1. Download Your Annual Free Credit Report Credit… Read more »