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SESLOC Resources Supporting Teachers

SESLOC’s roots are in education, which is why we’re committed to celebrating local teachers by offering unique resources and financial services tailored to their needs.

Here are some ways we support teachers in (and out of) the classroom:

Education Grants

Teachers often dig deep into their own pockets to provide enrichment opportunities for their students.  These unique learning opportunities have a tremendous impact on students’ development, which is why SESLOC offers Education Grants up to $500 to help teachers go above and beyond the curriculum.

In 2019, we approved $20,000 in Education Grants to support projects like these:

  • First graders at Georgia Brown Elementary wrote and published their own hardcover books.
  • Santa Lucia Middle Schoolers beautified the campus with a succulent garden in a lesson that merged art and environmental science.
  • Maple Continuation High School students volunteered with special needs kids at Project Surf Camp.

Learn more or submit an application.

SESLOC Scholars Program

The SESLOC Scholars program is a free financial literacy program for high school teachers available through a partnership with EverFi. The online program includes lesson plans, teacher training, and exams to assess student knowledge. Topics include budgeting, saving, credit, investing, insurance, taxes, consumer protection, and financing higher education.

To request information, contact Carla Swift, AVP of Education and Service Management.

Educational Resources

SESLOC offers online educational resources for all age levels:


Special Products

We offer exclusive savings accounts and home loan programs designed just for K-12 teachers. Thank you for educating the youth in our community, now let us support you!


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