Education Grants

Education Grants Continue to Support Learning Through the Pandemic

The pandemic forced schools to shift learning from in-person, to remote, to back again — or in some cases, a combination of both. As local teachers adapted their lesson plans to face these unique challenges, SESLOC Education Grants provided funding to support innovation and expand supplies. Here’s how a few teachers recently used grants: Paso… Read more »

Child Tax Credit Advance scams

Look Out for Child Tax Credit Advance Scams

Recently, the first payments for the Child Tax Credit Advance from The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 went out to qualified recipients. Shortly after, the IRS warned recipients about an increasing number of social engineering scam attempts. In this scam, fraudsters contact you by phone, text, email, or social media, pretending to be the… Read more »

Cash or card

Cash or Card?

Which do you prefer to use at checkout, cash or card? Cash certainly has its benefits, especially if you’re someone who finds it easier to use to manage spending and curb impulse purchases. Some businesses only accept cash (although a growing number only take plastic), or may impose a surcharge or minimum purchase requirement to… Read more »

Back to School Season

10 SESLOC Rewards for Back to School Season

Preparing for back-to-school season? Experts are predicting back-to-school spending to increase this year.  Did you know you can redeem your SESLOC HomeFREE Checking™ debit card and Visa Signature® Rewards card points for gift cards and merchandise to get ready for the new school year? Check out the top 10 SESLOC Rewards for back to school… Read more »

Golden State Stimulus

What to Know About the California Golden State Stimulus II

On July 13, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom officially signed the California Golden State Stimulus II into law, directing stimulus payments up to $600, plus $500 for dependents, to approximately 78% of California residents. Payments are expected to go out by direct deposit and mail to qualified residents starting in September. Qualified residents can expect to… Read more »

Family enjoying picnic worry-free because they bank at SESLOC.

Wells Fargo Closing Your Line of Credit? Here’s What You Can Do

Last week, Wells Fargo announced they are discontinuing the personal line of credit and will be closing any existing credit lines — which may negatively impact the credit scores of affected customers. A line of credit is an unsecured revolving loan that offers the flexibility to borrow money at any time after it’s opened, commonly… Read more »

Should I be concerned about inflation?

Should You Be Concerned About Inflation?

ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER If you pay attention to financial news, you are probably seeing a lot of discussion about inflation, which has reared its head in the U.S. economy after being mostly dormant for the last decade. In May 2021, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), often called headline inflation, rose at an… Read more »

Managing Mail

Tips for Managing Mail Delivery

Trying to declutter your mailbox? In addition to freeing up space and reducing paper waste, opting out of paper mail can help prevent mail theft identity theft. Here are some resources for managing mail delivery from SESLOC, as well as other senders: Manage Delivery From SESLOC Sign up for eStatements: Sign up to receive account… Read more »

Level Up — a SESLOC Member Benefits Program

Members are already earning SESLOC Reward points on eligible debit and credit card purchases, redeemable for gift cards, travel experiences, merchandise and more. However, Level Up, our new Member Benefits Program, celebrates all that our members do with SESLOC. Later this summer, members will receive a program kit in the mail with details of the… Read more »

Buying a home in a seller's market

5 Tips for Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

It’s a seller’s market out there — between historically low interest rates and low inventory, prospective home buyers are facing stiff competition. In our local market, homes are getting dozens of offers within just a few days of listing. Our partners at GreenPath Financial Wellness recently presented a webinar with insight into buying a home in… Read more »