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New Activity Alert from Identity Theft Services: SESLOC Loans Added to TransUnion Credit Reports

If you have a SESLOC loan and have registered for Identity Theft Services, which is free with HomeFREE Checking, you may receive a new activity alert from NXG|Protect soon. This is because SESLOC recently began reporting your existing loan to the TransUnion credit reporting bureau, so it’s registering as new activity. Don’t be alarmed, but we do recommend logging in to verify the activity.

Identity Theft Services gives you peace of mind by monitoring your credit and combing through the Dark Web to make sure your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. New and suspicious activity triggers an alert to give you an early warning that your information is possibly in the hands of criminals. Immediate action can be taken, such as activating additional monitoring and changing passwords, to help avoid future fraudulent transactions. It can’t erase the risk but it can provide a head start. Imagine the difference between finding out that your car has been stolen and being in the room when the criminals are first plotting the theft. If you haven’t registered for your free Identity Services yet, call us at (805) 543-1816 to retrieve your unique member ID, then head over to NXG to get started.


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