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Money Manager: Prepare for the Switch

No longer available, please see our new Financial Tools.

The Money Manager financial budgeting tool in SESLOC Online Banking will be replaced on October 27 by Financial Tools — a more powerful way to set budgets, track spending and visualize your finances.  As we transition to this new and improved service, Online Banking will be unavailable on October 27, 2020, from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. PDT. Please note that goals and alerts in Money Manager will not transfer to this new service, but we do recommend the following actions:


Your Money Manager Goals will not transfer to the new service, but SESLOC’s Online Banking Alerts feature has you covered. Manage all of your alerts in one convenient place — get notified when your account balance falls below a certain limit, when you’ve made a large transaction, or to keep up on goal progress. If you use the Money Manager Alert below, here’s how you can move it over:

  • Account balance — Set an Account Alert in Online Banking to be notified when your account balance falls below a certain limit.
  • Spending target exceeded — Financial Tool’s color coded Budget tool will quickly show you at a glance if you’re nearing or exceeded your spending target.
  • Goal Progress — Set an Account Alert to notify you when your balance exceeds a certain limit to track your savings goals, or when a SESLOC loan is paid below a certain limit to track  your debt payment goals.
  • Bill ReminderEnrolling in Bill Pay allows you to manage all your bills in one convenient, secure location. Bill Pay allows you to set reminders to alert you when a payment is due, when a payment has been sent, or if the bill was not paid by the due date.
  • Large Transaction — Set a History Alert in Online Banking to be notified of large transactions.
  • Specific Store Purchase — Set a History Alert based on Description.

Export Transaction Data

Money Manager Export

Download a copy of your transaction data for your records. On the Money Manager dashboard, click Export Transactions on the top-right side of the Transactions column. Enter your desired date range to download a CSV file, which you can open with most spreadsheet programs. You may download up to a year’s worth of data at a time, going back to when you enrolled in Money Manager.


Your Money Manager Goals will not transfer to the new service, so we recommend you take a screenshot for your reference:

  • On Windows: press the PrtScn key on your keyboard to copy the screen to your clipboard and paste it into another program to save, or use the Snipping Tool.
  • On Mac: press Shift-Command-3 or use the Screenshot App includes in the current version of the operating system software.

For savings goals, you can use Online Banking’s Alerts feature to notify you when the balance of an account hit a specified amount. For debt goals, the new Financial Tools Debt feature tracks your progress, forecasts your payoff dates, and allows you to see how different payment strategies might work for you. You can also set Alerts to notify you when a SESLOC loan balance is under a certain amount.

Getting started with Financial Tools is easy. When you log into Online Banking after October 27, you’ll notice the Financial Tools module at the top of the home screen. Click Get Started to enroll, then click Link Account, enter that account’s credentials, and Financial Tools will sync up your last 90 days of activity.


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