Security Tips for Mobile Banking

Security Tips for Mobile Banking

Using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices for activities such as banking can be very convenient.  However, it is important to take some basic precautions to keep your information secure. Here’s how to protect yourself: Protect your device using the built-in password function. Most devices can be configured to auto-erase themselves after a certain number… Read more »

Stay Safe Online

Top 10 Tips to #StaySafeOnline

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and SESLOC’s Chief Information Officer Ken Long is sharing his top 10 tips to help you protect your identity online: Use strong, complex passwords and change them often. Experts recommend passwords that are at least 8 characters long and include numbers, special characters, and a mix of upper and… Read more »

How Long Should I Hang On To An Investment

How Long Should I Hang On To An Investment?

ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER You’ll want to hang on to an investment as long as it meets your objectives. Is it likely to continue to perform as well as or better than comparable investments? Is it still appropriate for your age, risk tolerance and financial goals? Evaluating your investments once or twice a year will… Read more »

How Can I Gauge My Risk Tolerance?

How Can I Gauge My Risk Tolerance?

ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER All investments come with some level of risk, and if you’re planning to invest your money, it’s important to be aware of how much volatility you can endure. Consider the following factors: Personality: Are you comfortable putting a portion of your hard-earned dollars at risk in a particular investment? It might be… Read more »

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home: Meet the 5 experts you need to know before buying a home

At our first Home Sweet Home event, we’ve gathered the Central Coast’s top experts to provide helpful information so borrowers can make informed decisions. To get the most out of the session, we introduced a new table talk format — similar to speed dating. Attendees met with each expert in small groups, with questions and open dialog… Read more »

Tree Free

Why You Should Be “Tree Free”

We’re talking about “tree free” billing. The average American uses about one 100-foot tall Douglas fir tree in paper each year. Paper statements and bills alone generate almost two million tons of carbon dioxide, according to the National Geographic Society. And then there’s water. The U.S. pulp and paper industry is the largest industrial consumer… Read more »

Youth Week 2019

Now through April 19, 2019 SESLOC is celebrating International Credit Union Youth Week by offering fun activities, giveaways and more to help kids learn about the importance of saving. We’ll also waive the $5 membership fee for youth under age 18 when they open a savings account. Update: The event may have ended, but you… Read more »

Navigating the Borrower Portal

Navigating the Home Loan Borrower Portal

Applying for a home loan? SESLOC makes the process easy with our Borrower Portal, a secure online portal that allows you to close your mortgage with ease. You’ll be able to upload requested documents, check the current status of your loan and interact with your Loan Officer — all in one convenient place. If you applied… Read more »

Home Loan

How to Apply for a Mortgage Loan

Buying a home is probably life’s biggest and most stressful purchase. Between saving for the down payment and competing with other buyers, the process can feel daunting — especially for first-time buyers. That’s why SESLOC Mortgage Loan Officers work with you every step of the way, from consultation to closing. With their specialized knowledge and… Read more »

Plan for Retirement

I Think it’s Time to Start Planning for Retirement. Where Do I Begin?

ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER To get started, you’ll need to set lifestyle goals for your retirement. At what age do you see yourself retiring, and what would you like to do? You’ll need to account for basic living expenses (food, utilities, transportation, etc.), the cost of a mortgage you may still be paying off, or… Read more »