Saving for Home Ownership

Saving for Home Ownership

Thinking about buying a home? A house is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make. Because of the high costs involved, saving for it takes commitment, planning, and sometimes sacrifice. And saving is about more than just having enough for a down payment. These are the factors you need to consider: The Down Payment One of… Read more »

Boost Your Credit Score

How to Boost Your Credit Score Ahead of Your Home Loan Preapproval

When it comes to buying a house, poor credit can limit your opportunities and result in higher interest rates and bigger payments. But with a little planning, you can boost your credit score ahead of your home loan pre-approval so you’ll be ready to make an offer on your dream home. Understanding Your Credit Score… Read more »

Blog Header HELOC Ideas

8 Ways to Use a HELOC

If you’ve ever wondered what a HELOC is or what you’re supposed to do with it, this article is for you. A HELOC, or Home Equity Line of Credit, leverages your home’s equity to give you more flexibility compared to other loans — you can borrow up to your maximum credit limit, when you need… Read more »

7 Reasons for Home Ownership

7 Reasons to Own a Home

Making a list of the pros of homeownership versus renting to see if it’s time to buy? Consider these 7 key differences: 1. Acquire Tax Benefits Homeownership comes with tax deductions. You’re generally able to deduct mortgage interest, property taxes, some homebuying costs, and energy efficient improvements. 2. Watch Your Value Grow Real Estate is… Read more »

Tackling Holiday Debt

Tackling Holiday Debt

The holidays have come and gone, and now many are left with the bill. According to a Gallup poll ahead of the shopping season, Americans planned to spend an average of $942 on holiday gifts — not including food, travel, and other celebratory activities. What’s more, less than half of Americans reported going into the… Read more »

Kick Off The Year With This 7-Step Financial Action Plan

How do you see yourself in 2020? If your vision is of a more financially savvy you, then read on. This 7-step financial action plan will give you the tools to make this year — and decade — about your financial wellness. The best part? It’s easy! 1. Download Your Annual Free Credit Report Credit… Read more »

Budgeting for Couples

Combining Finances? Read This Guide on Budgeting for Couples

Disagreements about money and stress over financial concerns is a major — and common — problem in relationships. In fact, it’s often cited as the leading cause of divorce. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Making your shared finances a priority helps build a solid foundation. Check out these tips for talking about… Read more »

Employee Financial Advice

What Financial Advice Would You Give Your 18-Year-Old-Self?

If you could hop in a time machine to give your 18-year-old-self a financial tip that you wished you knew back then, what would it be? We asked our employees to weigh in. And while some joked that they shouldn’t have bought so many horses or lamented not investing in certain companies that rhyme with grapple, what… Read more »

Shop Stress Free

Add This To Your Holiday Shopping List

Shop More | Stress Less The holiday shopping season is fast approaching! Your focus should be on finding the perfect gift, not worrying about your identity. At SESLOC Federal Credit Union, we provide you the tools you need to make sure you’re protected from the effects of identity theft. Protecting your identity is a complex… Read more »

Introducing Save to Win, a New Way to Save

We’re introducing a new way to save to help you develop healthier saving habits in a fun, unique way. With a Save to Win 12-month share certificate, every time you make a deposit of just $25 (up to 10 entries per month), you’ll be automatically entered in a monthly and quarterly prize drawing for a… Read more »