Food Waste

Is Your Money Molding in the Fridge?

What does $1,500 mean to you? No matter your financial situation, $1,500 is significant. It could be a down payment on your next car, a dent in your debt, a furniture upgrade, a step towards retirement, a boost to your emergency fund, or a first class ticket to New York. $1,500 also happens to be… Read more »

Stress & Spending

Stress & Spending

As we move deeper into the new year, the magic of the holiday may have worn off, and many of our New Year’s resolutions are becoming faded memories. With tax season approaching and the pace of our working lives becoming more and more accelerated, stress can start to take a toll on us emotionally. How… Read more »

Obtaining Financial Aid

Is There Anything I Can Do Now So That My Child Can Obtain More Financial Aid Later?

ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER Yes, there are steps you can take now that may help your child obtain more financial aid later. All federally funded financial aid programs use a formula known as the federal methodology to determine how much money a family must contribute towards a child’s educational costs before becoming eligible for financial… Read more »

What are mortgage points?

Mortgage Points: What You Need to Know

What are mortgage points and are they right for you? Mortgage points are basically discount points. When you’re getting your home loan, you can buy mortgage points to lower your rate and save you interest in the long run. The value of mortgage points are tied to market rates and conditions, which means they’re subject… Read more »

Credit Report Horror Story

Have You Checked Your Credit Report?

Have you checked your credit report recently? Or ever? Shelli* was doing everything right, but something was dragging down her score — it just didn’t make sense. So she ordered her credit report and found the culprit. There was a delinquent credit card from an account she owned with an ex years ago. She had… Read more »

Credit Score

What’s in Your Credit Score? [Infographic]

What’s a credit score and why is it so important? A credit score, also known as a FICO Score, is a calculation based on your activity in a few categories that assess the likelihood that you will repay any debt you owe. The higher the score, the more likely it is that you can handle… Read more »

Financially Preparing for a Pet

Financially Preparing for a Pet

Expanding your family with a new furry, feathery, or scaly friend? Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or very experienced, don’t forget to consider the financial impact of a new pet and adjust your budget accordingly. To begin, estimate how much money you’ll need to each year for pet expenses. Divide that amount into monthly… Read more »

The SECURE Act & Your Retirement Savings

The SECURE Act and Your Retirement Savings

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act was enacted in December 2019 as part of a larger federal spending package. This long-awaited legislation expands savings opportunities for workers and includes new requirements and incentives for employers that provide retirement benefits. At the same time, it restricts popular estate planning strategy for individuals… Read more »

Repairing your credit report

Error on Your Credit Report? Learn How to Fix It

Credit report errors are shockingly common, and errors can damage your credit. If you need a loan, damaged credit means you might end up paying a higher interest rate or even get declined. That’s why it’s so important to review your free credit report every year and ensure your report is clean. Here’s what you… Read more »

The State of Financial Wellness in America

The State of Financial Wellness in America [Infographic]

Financial wellness is a hot topic. But what is it exactly? Financial wellness is the state of your overall financial health, measured by how you’re doing in a few categories: spending, saving, borrowing, and planning. A recent Financial Health Network study on the financial habits of Americans uncovered some eye-opening trends. How does your financial… Read more »