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Plan for Retirement

I Think it’s Time to Start Planning for Retirement. Where Do I Begin?

ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER To get started, you’ll need to set lifestyle goals for your retirement. At what age do you see yourself retiring, and what would you like to do? You’ll need to account for basic living expenses (food, utilities, transportation, etc.), the cost of a mortgage you may still be paying off, or… Read more »

Education Grants

SESLOC Education Grants Support Student Reading

What do Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter School and Shandon High School have in common? They are both recent recipients of SESLOC Education Grants. With our roots as a credit union for San Luis Obispo county educators, SESLOC has a strong commitment to education. Our Education Grants program supports classroom learning, creativity, and innovation. Here’s how these… Read more »

Annual Meeting of Members

The Annual Meeting of Members was held at our SESLOC Headquarters on March 19, 2019. Members enjoyed refreshments, door prizes, received the 2018 Annual Report, heard the financial reports, and learned about the previous year’s achievements. Plans for the coming year were discussed and presented by the Board of Directors and the President/CEO.


5 Ways to Protect Yourself from SMiShing Attacks:

You may have heard of phishing — an email tactic cybercriminals use to scam victims by pretending to be a trusted source — but have you heard of SMiShing? SMiShing is like phishing, but with a text to your phone instead of an email to your computer. SMiShing messages are on the rise, in fact,… Read more »

Now Offering Appointment Booking

No waiting, no hassle. Booking a branch appointment or even a phone call is now available online and within Online Banking. Once you set your appointment, you’ll get a confirmation and a reminder email. This service complements the digital self check-in kiosk at our branches, helping to reduce wait times and ensure that you get… Read more »

Fraud Advisory: Caller ID Spoofing

Recently, SESLOC members reported receiving calls from (888) 4-SESLOC (our Phone Teller). This is a caller ID spoofing scam. The scammer claimed fraudulent activity was detected on the members’ account(s) and requested personal information. Please note: SESLOC will never call, text, or email members requesting confidential or personal information. Caller ID spoofing can be an incredibly effective tool… Read more »

Bill Pay Reminders

Bill Pay Reminders

Bill Pay Reminders offer peace of mind by alerting you with an email when a payment is due, when a payment has been sent, and if the bill was not paid by the due date. Your reminders will also appear as a list on the right side of the Payment Center. Setting Up Reminders Click… Read more »

Bill Pay

Scheduling Payments in Bill Pay

Your added contacts will appear in the Payment Center where you can schedule, edit, or cancel payments. Sending Money Select the contact you wish to pay. If you have multiple checking accounts linked to your Bill Pay, you will be able to select which account to pay from the drop down. Enter the amount. Enter… Read more »

Managing Contacts in Bill Pay

Managing Contacts in Bill Pay

Once you’ve enrolled in Bill Pay, you will need to add your contacts before you can send a payment. Your contacts can include any merchant, biller, or individual. Adding Contacts In the Payment Center, which is the main hub of Bill Pay, click on Add a Company or Person. Adding a Company The Company tab… Read more »

Navigating Bill Pay

Navigating Bill Pay

Payment Center The Payment Center tab is the main hub of Bill Pay where you can: Add, edit, or remove contacts. Schedule payments, cancel payments, enroll in eBills, and manage AutoPay. Set up Reminders. Activity Check your payment history in the Activity tab. You can view up to 84 months of activity, and even download… Read more »