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Bill Pay

Scheduling Payments in Bill Pay

Your added contacts will appear in the Payment Center where you can schedule, edit, or cancel payments. Sending Money Select the contact you wish to pay. If you have multiple checking accounts linked to your Bill Pay, you will be able to select which account to pay from the drop down. Enter the amount. Enter… Read more »

Managing Contacts in Bill Pay

Managing Contacts in Bill Pay

Once you’ve enrolled in Bill Pay, you will need to add your contacts before you can send a payment. Your contacts can include any merchant, biller, or individual. Adding Contacts In the Payment Center, which is the main hub of Bill Pay, click on Add a Company or Person. Adding a Company The Company tab… Read more »

Navigating Bill Pay

Navigating Bill Pay

Payment Center The Payment Center tab is the main hub of Bill Pay where you can: Add, edit, or remove contacts. Schedule payments, cancel payments, enroll in eBills, and manage AutoPay. Set up Reminders. Activity Check your payment history in the Activity tab. You can view up to 84 months of activity, and even download… Read more »

Enrolling in Bill Pay

Enrolling in Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a secure and convenient service that enables you to receive, view, and pay your bills from one centralized place. You can use Bill Pay to send money to anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check, automatic debit, or cash. Bill Pay sends payments electronically when possible, but… Read more »

Online Banking

Online Banking Basics

Here are some tips and tools for making the most out of your Online Banking Experience: Access Support Need help, or have a question about a transaction? Online Banking offers a direct line to our Contact Center for support. Select Contact Us in the menu. Work with a representative in real time with Live Chat, available… Read more »

Using the Mobile App 2

Using the Mobile App

Once you’ve created a profile for Online Banking, you’ll be able to log into the SESLOC Mobile App with the same Username and Password. The app can be downloaded through the Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. The mobile app includes all the functionality of the desktop platform with the additional… Read more »

Online Banking

Enrolling in Online Banking

Online Banking is a great tool that allows you to access your accounts 24/7, set up alerts to monitor activity, make transfers, set up automatic payments with Bill Pay, apply for loans, book appointments, and more. How to Enroll: Go to Click the Online Banking Tab at the top of the page or scroll… Read more »

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Changes to Retirement Limits

Are There Any Changes to IRA and Retirement Plan Limits for 2020?

ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER Many IRA and retirement plan limits are indexed for inflation each year. On November 6, 2019 the IRS (Notice 2019-59) announced the inflation-adjusted numbers for 2020. The maximum IRA contribution for 2020 is $6,000, unchanged from 2019 (the catch-up limit for those 50 and older also remains unchanged at $1,000). However,… Read more »