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Embrace Contactless Payments With Apple Pay

Contactless payments are secure, quick, and convenient, especially if you’re trying to avoid touching shared screens and keypads. Your SESLOC HomeFREE Checking™ Debit Card is compatible with Apple Pay, which makes it easy to embrace contactless payments — all while earning rewards points for your purchases. How Does it Work? Add your SESLOC Debit Card… Read more »

Payroll Tax Deferral

Temporary Payroll Tax Deferral: What You Need to Know

ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER On August 8, 2020, the president issued an executive order to allow the deferral of certain payroll taxes during the last four months of 2020, and the IRS recently provided related guidance. This has implications for both employers and employees. Here’s a brief summary of the issues. Already-existing Payroll Tax Deferral… Read more »

Thank you for supporting JHH

SESLOC Supports the Jack Ready Imagination Park

During the month of August, we hosted a fundraiser for Jack’s Helping Hand, a local nonprofit that supports special needs children and their families. Together, SESLOC members and employees raised over $4,000 in support of the Jack Ready Imagination Park. We are thankful to those who could donate, especially during this concerning time. Over the… Read more »

Coastal Distancing

10 SESLOC Rewards for Coastal Distancing

Summer might be over, but outdoor activities are year-round on the Central Coast. Did you know you can redeem your SESLOC debit card rewards points for tools and toys to enjoy outside? Check out the top 10 SESLOC Rewards that you can claim to enhance your Coastal Distancing experience: SESLOC Reward points are earned for… Read more »

Dark Web

The Dark Web — A Gateway to Criminal Activity

We’ve recently taken a deep dive into the dangers of the Dark Web. We continue our series by shedding light on how transactions happen in the Dark Web and the criminal enterprise that exists in this mysterious, hidden place. Why is this important? The more you understand about how criminal activity works, the better prepared… Read more »

The Bull is Back

The Bull Is Back… Will It Keep Charging?

ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER On August 18, 2020, the S&P 500 set a record high for the first time since COVID-19 ushered in a bear market on February 19. The cycle from peak to peak was just 126 trading days, the fastest recovery in the history of the index, erasing losses from an equally historic… Read more »

SESLOC Spotlight: 17 Strong

SESLOC Spotlight: 17 Strong

SESLOC Spotlight highlights local organizations that make the Central Coast so incredible. Battling a life-threatening illness is devastating and draining, which is why 17 Strong is dedicated to providing Victory Trips to recovering young adults. Victory Trips allow the recipient to fulfill a lifelong dream. Steven Teixeira, co-founder, explains how the local nonprofit supports hope… Read more »

What to expect from a home inspection

Home Buying: What to Expect from the Inspection

A home inspection is an important part of the buying process where an objective third-party performs a visible assessment of the property’s condition so you can make an informed decision about your purchase. After all, it’s one thing to plan for a fixer-upper and another to be surprised and saddled with expensive repairs. Here’s what… Read more »

Should I Consider a Balance Transfer?

Strategies for Tackling Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt can feel overwhelming, but there are tools and resources available to get you back on the road to financial wellness. Consider these strategies for tackling credit card debt: Balance Transfer A balance transfer can be an effective way to tackle your credit card debt. In short, you transfer your revolving debt to… Read more »

Financial Planning Issues for New Parents

Financial Planning Issues for New Parents

ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER As you prepare for life with your new child, it’s time to prepare a new financial plan for your family or make any necessary changes to your existing plan. You’ll want to consider how your baby will affect your budget, make sure you have adequate insurance, protect your child’s future with… Read more »

Consumer Lending FAQ

Consumer Lending FAQs

How Do I Get Started With Online Banking? Enrolling Online Banking Online Banking Basics How Can I Pay My Loan? 7 Ways to Pay Your SESLOC Loan Loan Payments & Transfers Recurring Loan Payments & Transfers Ordering Checks What Do I Need to Know About My Credit Score? What Goes Into My Credit Score? How… Read more »